Sell with us

Leave the site management to us, while you focus on creating new products

View your number of sales and see your most popular product at a glance. 

This is where you receive the order details and dispatch your sales.

Create a product entry just by uploading your product images and naming it. Easily control how the product should be sold on the site.

You may also keep track of your inventory by adding how many stocks you have available.

Want to do a promotion? Create coupon codes which customers can use to enjoy the discount buying from you.

View how well your store has fare by weeks. Check if your marketing strategies work through the analytics. 

You may download the reports in Excel or PDF to keep track.

Keep track of your sales. Instantaneous updates when you received new orders. Quickly update your customers when you ship their orders.

Too busy to upload your products on your store?

Use our new 2 minutes simple upload form!

We’re changing how artists and businesses work together

With fans and followers from different partners, you gain more exposure to your products and enjoy more craft enthusiasts from around the world, not just in Singapore.

Hurry up and join us now!


You are the artist of your own store. Customize how your store would look like and choose how you would like to promote your products through promotions.

No monthly or listing fee

We understand that you took a lot of effort to create your products. So, we will only deduct 15% commission fee* (inclusive of Paypal transaction fee) from your completed sale! 

Partner support

Besides the partners guide, you may contact us via social media for live support when you need help.

*Partners who joined us before 1 November 2019 will still enjoy a year of ZERO commission fee for every sale except for the 5.00% + S$0.07 PayPal transaction fee. 

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