Here are some of the frequently asked questions about buying and selling stickers on Stickr.sg.

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For customers

We hope to provide you with the utmost satisfaction when you shop on our site. 

At Stickr.sg, our vision is to bring all Singapore artists to sell their stickers in this marketplace. With all the stickers designed in Singapore collated in our site, you will be able to explore and shop for various designs. By giving these artists control of their own store, we are also empowering them to be entrepreneur. #Supportlocal!

Yes you can! Feel free to view around the creative artists and their creations and support their effort!

Definitely not! Your order details will be only be visible to Stickr.sg and the stores which you have purchased your order from. 

Each store has their own refund, shipping and cancellation policy. Please review through their store policies before purchasing from them. If there is any dispute, Stickr.sg will play a role as a mediator to provide the best outcome to both parties.

We integrate our website with PayPal payment gateway. With PayPal, we are able to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards as well as debit cards.

For partners

We are trying to bring every consumers into one common marketplace to discover and shop for stickers in Singapore. We treat everyone who decided to sell on Stickr.sg as our valued partner.

We only charge you 15% per transactional sales you earned inclusive of Paypal transactional fee. This means if you sell $10 worth of product, we will only charge $1.50 for the commission and you get to withdraw $8.50 of your earnings.

No listing or withdrawal fee!


To be a partner to sell on Stickr.sg, you have to:

  1. be a creator from Singapore;
  2. own an available inventory of merchandise ready to be sold on the marketplace;
  3. selling your own designs.

You may withdraw your sales revenue from your store’s dashboard payment tab – Withdrawal button.

You can only request for withdrawals on orders which are set as completed. We will transfer the requested amount to your bank account that you have indicated in the partner’s registration form.

Not yet! We are in the midst of talking to printing vendors and we will be providing printing service soon! Follow us on our social media or subscribe to our newsletters to be the first to print from us 😉

Contact us and we will help you with more complex promotion set up such as bundling products or cross-selling with other partners.

Please follow our guide to set up your store here.

Have unanswered questions?

Drop us a message, email or talk to us directly on our social media.

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